Limo Transfer

Increase the Size of Your Limo Business with Shuttle Booking Pro.

Limo Transfer

Shuttle Booking Pro is an inclusive platform designed to efficiently manage all aspects of your limo business.
It maximizes your profitability and simplifies the entire booking process.
Whether you own a small limo business or operate a large fleet, Shuttle Booking Pro can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Its customizable features allow you to configure the platform according to your business requirements.The interface is optimized for any device, allowing customers to easily access and navigate the system from their smartphones or tablets.

Solution Features

Transform your limo operations, Simplify bookings, and enhance customer satisfaction with Shuttle Booking Pro.


Seat Selection

Customers can select their preferred seats from an interactive seating chart, offering a personalized booking experience.


Promotional Discounts

The system supports the implementation of promotional discounts, allowing customers to avail themselves of special offers and incentives.


Improved efficiency in managing bookings

Shuttle Booking Pro enables operators to quickly view and modify upcoming bookings, assign drivers and vehicles, and manage scheduling conflicts efficiently.


Real-Time Tracking

Customers can track the real-time location and estimated arrival time of the shuttle through a GPS-enabled tracking system.


Enhanced driver management

The software allows limo operators to effectively manage their drivers by assigning and tracking their tasks, monitoring performance, and ensuring compliance with regulations such as driver hours and rest periods.

Improve your Limo Transfer operations with Shuttle Booking Pro's powerful features.


A booking solution for airport tranfer


Schedule calendar


Seasonal price


Pick up points and drop off points


Access your reservation system anywhere at any time


Advanced reporting


Cancelation management


Accept payments via any devices


Business intelligence dashboard

Exercise Dashboard

Access a comprehensive dashboard that allows limo operators to track and monitor the performance and efficiency of their shuttle services. Get insights into key metrics such as bookings, driver details revenue, customer feedback and more.

Billing & Invoicing

Simplify your billing and invoicing process with shuttle booking software. Generate accurate invoices based on bookings and track payments seamlessly, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

Client Database

Maintain a centralized client database to efficiently manage customer details, preferences, and booking history. This enables personalized customer service and targeted marketing efforts.

Dispatch Operation

Streamline your dispatch operations with shuttle booking software. Assign drivers and vehicles, track availability, and efficiently manage the scheduling and dispatching of shuttle services.

Want to know more?

Shuttle Booking Pro is packed with tons of advanced features to manage the operations and booking experience for the customers.

Manage Bookings

Admin backend with role-based security to manage and make bookings from the backend

Managing Routes

Customers can check out available routes & pickup points to plan their journey.

Quick Bookings

Let customers enjoy the intuitive seat booking experience on customer centric UI design.

E- tickets

Real-time notification for customers with e-ticket after booking

Real-Time seat availability tracking

The shuttle seat capacity can be tracked in the Business intelligence dashboard of the software

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway can be integrated based on the client’s needs.

Agents & Commissions

Agents login can be managed from the backend. Agent commission can be setup based on routes

Reporting & Analytics

Inbuild Business intelligence for revenue and fleet performance and the system also has inbuild reports.